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SUNY Downstate Medical Center

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The Medical Research Library of Brooklyn

Room Name Location





Center for Healthcare Simulation Library Lower Level N/A Img
Information Commons Conf. Room Library Lower Level 12 Img
Multi Purpose Room Library Lower Level 30 Img
PC Training Room 1 Library Lower Level 11 Img
PC Training Room 3 Library Lower Level 15 Img
PC Training Room 4 Library Lower Level 16 Img


Health Science Education Building (HSEB)

Room Name Location Maximum Occupants Room Image
Atrium 1st Floor 150 Img
Auditoria A 1st Floor - E121 115 Img
Auditorium ABC 1 st Floor - E121 530 Img
Auditoria C 1st Floor - E121 115 Img
Classroom 1A 1st Floor - E157 60 Img
Classroom 1B 1st Floor - E140 30 Img
Grove 1st Floor (outdoor space) N/A Img
Lecture Hall 1A 1 st Floor - E154 60 Img
Lecture Hall 1B 1 st Floor - E152 60 Img
Special Functions Room 1 st Floor - E138 30 Img
Classroom 5A 5th Floor - E505 25 Img
Classroom 5B 5th Floor - E506 25 Img
COM 5th Flr. Student Carrels 5th Floor 5A-5I   Img
Classroom 6A 6th Floor - E635 35 Img
Classroom 6B 6th Floor - E610 35 Img
COM 6th Flr. Student Carrels 6th Floor 6A-6H   Img
COM Computer Lab 6th Floor- 6I   Img
Grad Computer Labs 6th Floor -    
CHRP Computer Lab 7th Floor 24 Img
Classroom 8B 8th Floor - E864 30 Img
Classroom 8C 8th Floor - E851 15 Img
Classroom 8H 8th Floor - E848 15 Img
Classroom 8I 8th Floor - E847 15 Img
Classroom 8J 8th Floor - E846 15 Img
CON Computer Lab 8th Floor 30 Img
Faculty Lounge 8th Floor - E867 40 Img
Medical Informatics Comp Lab 8th Floor 30 Img


Basic Science Building (BSB)

Room Name Location
Maximum Occupants



Lecture Hall 1 1st Floor - BSB 200 Img
Lecture Hall 2 2nd Floor -BSB 210 Img
3-1 Conference Room 3rd Floor -BSB 30 Img
Lecture Hall 4 4th Floor -BSB 210 Img
Lecture Hall 6 6th Floor -BSB 210 Img
7-1 Conference Room 7th Floor -BSB 30 Img
FM&D Public Space

1st Floor - BSB Hallway(next to cafeteria)

5 Img


Public Health Acedemic Building (PHAB)

Room Name Location
Maximum Occupants



PHAB HALL - A B C D 1st Floor - PHAB 330  
PHAB HALL - A 1st Floor -PHAB 44  
PHAB HALL - B 1st Floor -PHAB 44  
PHAB HALL - C 1st Floor PHAB 36  
PHAB HALL - D 1st Floor -PHAB 140  
Classroom 2A 2nd Floor -PHAB 32  
Classroom 2B

2nd Floor -PHAB

Classroom 2C 2nd Floor -PHAB 32  
Classroom 2D 2nd Floor -PHAB 32  
Classroom 2E 2nd Floor -PHAB 44  


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